How is ON Drive Techs different from my landline phone?2015-03-09T01:59:24+00:00

Traditional phone companies use underground copper lines to bring phone service to your business location. ON Drive Techs provide phone service over your current internet service provider.

How is ON Drive Techs different from other Voice Over IP service providers?2018-03-16T22:16:15+00:00

We are the only firm in the Voice Over IP industry that works closely with businesses to provide more personalized service that you won’t find anywhere else at any price.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?2015-03-09T02:02:25+00:00

Our business phone systems work with any high speed internet service or DSL.

Do ON Drive Techs provides on-site service installation?2018-03-16T22:07:45+00:00

Yes, We do provides phone systems installation service in some areas in Florida. Please contact us for more information or check our locations here.